Automating game configurations
Hey there everyone,

I written a few scripts and a cli that would allow to create game configurations based on the current pcsx2 settings, however I found that the scripts where unnecessary  and re-wrote the cli to the everything itself

What is it/how does it work?

Readme here

1. It's a simple python tool that supports arguments and a configuration file
2. You don't need python to use the tool since every release is being shipped into a single executable

You simply download the executable, create a configuration file with the appropriate values, and run the executable in a command line

The executable reads the values you provided, stores them temporarily and copies files over, replaces some paths with the values, and then you can just launch the game using the argument
-option p

It can also support multiple game configuration

To achieve this you have 2 options

1. Make all games use the same config

2. Use different configs per game

For the first option you just need to run
Manager.exe -cfg manager.ini -option mac --game "game1 game2 game3" *--game is optional you can specify it in manager.ini - spaces and quotes are important*

For the second option you will need a custom inis folder, inside it put folders and name them the same as your games, and inside each game folder put the inis for that game and then just run 
Manager.exe -cfg manager.ini -option mac

I might also implement in the future a way to backup the memory cards to cloud providers however i'm currently unsure about this since it would considerably make the project bigger and all cloud providers have desktop apps that allow you to the the same thing

I hope you like it it's nothing special just a really simple tool I wrote on my free time.

The releases can be found here

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