Autorun different game configurations
First of all let me say a big thank you for this wonderful emulator.

Now, what I'm trying to do is make shortcuts that will run different configurations of various games. So far I've seen that I can simply make multiple installations of PCSX2, configure each one specifically for a game and then make a shortcut of the pcsx2 exe and run it using the -bootmode 1 command.

The problem is that the linuz CDVD iso plugin doesn't keep it's various settings, but somehow always resets globally to the last image that has been loaded. All the other plugins and pcsx2 keep their separate settings for each game.

I've checked the ini folder and there isn't an ini for the linuz plugin. Where does it store its settings ?

I've tried to enter the iso path in the shortcut [ ex: "C:\PCSX2\pcsx2-r1888.exe" "C:\PCSX2\game.iso" -bootmode 1 ] but pcsx2 crashes. Any ideas on how to make this work ?

PS: I'm using the latest beta (1888) and plugins.

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Check this program
Thanks, this one looks like a pretty handy program.

Although I'd prefer using my method with the shortcuts. All the specific game settings remain, except for the mounted iso. Ah, I'm so close to making this happen. Doesn't anybody know where linuz iso stores its settings ?
Linuzappz store his settings in the registry
Ok I found the problem. I was trying to automount the compressed image. You need to point it to the uncompressed iso. The
"C:\PCSX2\pcsx2-r1888.exe" "C:\PCSX2\game.iso" -bootmode 1
configuration works fine now with the shortcut.

Thanks for your help vsub. This may help other people, since I believe that having multiple installations of pcsx2 could make things simpler and resolve some of the issues of using another front-end for configurations.

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