?Availible Controllers/Plugins?
sorry for a second post in two days. I've gotten both Kingdom Hearts and FFXII working however, there is massive reverb on the sound from both of them. though this does make KH's opening sound way cooler, it completely wrecks FFXII's opening. thusly i was wondering if there is an updated sound plugin that is available for mac. the only ones i've found were only compatible with windows, unless i misread them.

my other plugin question is both a question about controllers and the accompanying plugins: which controller and plugin combo would you suggest to get full effect from pcsx2.

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The mac port isn't quite developed yet.
The app itself and the plugins are obsolete and zedr0n dosen't seem to update anymore for whatever reason.
All the plugins have been ported to mac (as far as I understood it, correct me if this is wrong) so you can't really hope for a fix there unless zedr0n updates.
The sound issue occoured in any game I tried so far.

I'd suggest you play via BootCamp (which runs Kingdom Hearts on an iMac from late 2006 perfectly btw.)

But hopefully the mac port will get updated some time.

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