okay i had a very stupid mistake at the last post i made... i didn't read the rules damn..

okay i am not asking for a download site of any game of sorts

i am asking which are the best rpg game for ps2 ever....
i mean i could google and look at its gameplay...
but i think its best to ask those who have experienced playing the game or finished it

i mean star ocean til the end of time was good only thing it wasted my time just watching the storyline which is impt only thing it takes a lot of time...

i mean just tell me what are those rpgs that are considered the best ... except the final fantasy sagas of course... coz all of those are awesome

i repeat i am not asking for a download site of any games for free
just asking what are the BEST RPG GAMES FOR PS2?

lesson learned, read rules before you post... damn

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I Hate RPG. Spoil me a lot...
kingdom hearts 1 and 2
The good news is you will get as many answers about the best RPG as they are Smile The best news is I may learn games names I wasn't aware to exist ever Laugh
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Persona 3 FES, Persona 4 if you are into demons. Smile
dragon quest 8.
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The Xenosaga trilogy is pretty amazing.
Not to forget the Final Fantasy Games or Wild Arms games.
I assume you mean turn based RPG's. If so, here are the ones I play:
Dragon quest VIII
Atelier Iris 1 - 3
Mana Khemia 1 - 2
Legaia 2
Final Fantasy X and X-2
Shadow Hearts 1 - 3
Ar Tonelico 1 - 2
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Dark Cloud 2
Radiata Stories
Odin SPhere
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Baldur's GAte: Dark alliance
Tales of the Abyss
Tales of Legendia
Persona 3, 4
Dot HAck
Shadow Hearts
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