I was looking for the tool to dump my BIOS the other day after importing a new console and wanting to dump it for completeness' sake, but the link to the version 2.0 ELF of the dumper under the tools section doesn't work.

After browsing the forum I found a few threads detailing problems people had with this version, which is probably why it was taken down, and eventually came across the version 1.0 DUMPBIOS_MASS.ELF in an attachment.

I would suggest that you add this to the tools section as it's the only way MC Exploit users can dump their BIOS without wasting time and effort making an ESR DVD with the version 2.0 dumper on it.
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Seriously something is damn wrong with that attachment. Third time it vanishes, i'll try deleting the thread and making a new one 0_o
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