BIOS Dumper v2.0
Florin has just released BIOS Dumper v2.0 which you can grab from our Downloads>Tools Section here.

This program will dump the PS2 BIOS, DVD Player ROM, NVM etc from your PlayStation 2 via a 'host' enabled connection.

PCSX2 0.9.4 will be using the new format BIOS (*.p2b) created by BIOS Dumper v2.0, as it dumps a more "complete" copy of the BIOS. It is highly recommended that you redump your BIOS to get a more complete dump and thus enable PCSX2 to more accurately emulate the PlayStation 2 Smile

You won't need to throw away your old BIOS files, as a convertor will be released in the future to convert the older format to P2B. Conversion is no substitute for a redump as converted BIOS's will not contain the new information dumped from BIOS Dumper v2.0.

The source code for this tool will be made available shortly on For now grab the tools here and get dumping! Tongue

EDIT: If you have downloaded before 30d 6m 2007y @ 20:11 GMT+0, or are having problems making the p2b file, please redownload the files provided, as they have been updated!

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(06-30-2007, 12:59 PM)CKemu Wrote: The source code for this tool will be made available shortly on

I realize this is really absurd to ask after all these years... But what happened to the source to the dumper?

I've checked around and I can't find any signs the files were ever put up anywhere.

So I'm rather curious as to what happened with this, even if that means the files don't exist anymore.
you mean this one?

and bravo! bravo! a revived 5 yr. old thread.
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Yes, the source to that dumper.
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Aye, you've caught me zombifying a thread. Regardless...

My question still stands. Does anybody around here have a clue what happened to the source code to this BIOS dumper from way back in the year of 2000 and 7?

---- Edit ----

So I guess nobody knows what a source code is, or where these ones exist. Could maybe be everybody's just ignoring this on the theory I'm some random crackpot. For all I know it's something related to the author that nobody wants to mention in public.

The world may never know.

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