have a problem with my pcx2 9.7 r38 version.

basically i had a previous folder that was working, plug-ins, bios, etc.
but was halted in my gaming due to a problem w/ my graphics plug-in, seeing as how i'm not that tech savy i decided to reinstall, the r38 ver. from scratch. but the problem now is that i can't seem to access my bios folder (more like actually make a selection for my bios.)

is there a problem w/ my program or am i just out of luck?!?!

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if you erased it, you'll have to redump your bios from your PS2.
if you still have it, you just need to make your new installation to your ex bios folder.
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i still have my old files from the bios selection i had, but when you are prompted to select where to find your bios location it wont seem to register what i had previously -_-"

does it seem like the only choice i have is to re-dump my files from the ps2 again??
GEEZ so noob of me...i ought to uninstall!
well +1 for you jes thx for reply.

i guess the folder that i had containing my bios was moved to my desktop, so it makes sense that i would not find anything in my old folder! (reason being that the old one was EMPTY ^-^) okokkokokokok thx much <3

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