BIOS creation for PCSX2?
I want to first mention that I have absolutely no knowledge of how a BIOS even works, so I don't entirely know how ignorant this question is or if it is. 

I have used some emulators prior to PCSX2 but none really have the level of customization that even noobs can understand after a couple weeks, so I always come back to this one. The PCSX2 emulator is my favorite by far, but there is one thing that I noticed the emulator doesn't have that others do have. A BIOS made by the makers of the emulator. The only real problem that I have had with this emulator was figuring out how the BIOS worked. After reading up I realized I needed to dump one from my own PS2, but that also took a good while to figure out. So, to cut it short, I was curious as to IF one could make their own BIOS for PCSX2 that worked for all games for PS2 and if so, how long would that take? 

P.S. The emulators I was talking about are PPSSPP and a PSX emulator that I can't remember.

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Simple, short answer - No, you can't build your own BIOS. You have to dump it from your, legally owned, PS2 console. That's unlikely to change, as using any BIOS information which you did not legally own is illegal. The Dev's really don't want to give Sony any ammo to sue them and have the project shut down
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that said, an HLE bios has already been discussed about.
But IIRC, it was too much of a hassle, and the project has been given up
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You absolutely can write your own BIOS, I don't know where you got off that'd be illegal. It'd be incredibly hard and a huge reverse engineering feat to do for the PS2, and probably harder than just HLEing it, though.

no$psx has a custom made PS1 BIOS for example.

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