BIOS does boot game doesn't
No gameplay but bios does boot????
Hi guys

I have a big problem
i have setup pcsx2 like in the tutorials and i can enter and setup the bios menu's, no prblems there. I can even navigate to the memcards and when i enter an iso it also shows the game disc in the navigator. But when i want to play the game either through the navigator, full boot or fast boot option then i get the playstation2 white boot logo and then a black screen. I dont hear the games but the fps do show on the top bar.

System setup is as follows

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Msi neo2 p35 platinum mainboard
intel core2 quad Q6600 @ 3.15 Ghz
4Gb dualchannel ddr2 pc 6400 800 Mhz
asus darkknight HD radeon 4870 512MB
Scythe Ninja II coolingblock with 120mm silent fan

ANYONE any ideas why the games won't boot?????
tried FFX, DOA2 and Gradius V
even my old P4 with hd 3650 would at least show choppy gameplay

and i'm NOT posting app log on the forum anymore if you want it you'll get a pm a mod closed my thread on me because of that

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We're not going to help you with your pirated games, we know you've downloaded them, it's too late.

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