BIOS problem
For startes, i have read the guide and did not find it usefull for my problem.

The problem i have is that after configuring pcsx2, and after clicking run-execute, i get this message
_cdvdOpenNMV: Error creating bios\SCPH 70012 (S) (v12) (U) [v02.00] [14-06-04] ©.NMV

help is appreciated

edit: also before that message i get an error about the memorycards, but thats casue i have nothing in that folder and i dont think that has anything to do wih the problem anyways

this is the laptop im using

edit2: i took a screen of the problem, incase this helps

EDIT3 ( FINAL): ok so after 3 hours of messing with the emu. and refreshing these forums, my problmes were solved by.................. RUNNING THE APPLICATION AS AN ADMIN. This semes to be the solution to alot of problems,so this should be added to the configuration guide or something.

thank you ppl anyway, il be back here with more problems later on!

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Yeah,that's why there is a FAQ entry for your problem,which you probably never bothered to read...
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