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BIOS problem (NOT asking where to get)
Hello. I am having a problem with my bios and PCSX2 9.8. I ripped my bios from my PS2 a while ago and they worked fine with previous versions of PCSX2. But when I try to navigate to the folder where the bios are stored when I am trying to set up 9.8, the bios do not show up...any ideas as to what could be wrong? Thanks

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Did you manually check the folder to make sure the files are still in there?

Are you making sure you're navigating to the same folder on PCSX2?
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yes and yes
Did you refresh the list in BIOS selection screen?

If yes and it's still not there i can only think that the most likely problem would be the moment you set up your PCSX2 0.9.8 when it ask where to create the PCSX2 folder(which contains all the inis ,memory cards and your bios folder.)

By default mine was set to a path in Documents.

Perhaps your PC accidentally set the path to somewhere you don't know.
Try your Documents folder and check if there's PCSX2 Folder.

Your best bet would be to do a search on your own machine for PCSX2 to make sure there's no duplicate folder where your BIOS might actually be .

Then again,you could try to re-install PCsx2 0.9.8.When it asked to create a folder set it to your desktop or something.Then put your BIOS in the bios folder(Xzibit face comes to mind) in the PCSX2 folder you've created in the desktop(or something).
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or he can try to uncheck the default seatings box and browse his files >_>
^I did that. I know it sounds like I am making a stupid mistake but I have done what you have mentioned. I even clicked open in explorer and the bios files are there. Maybe I deleted one of the files by mistake, there are six of them right?
Never mind. Turns out I had an extra file, dont know how it got there. Thanks for replying (even though it turned out to be my own stupid mistake Smile

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