has anyone on the team tried this game? I absolutely love the game and play it quite a bit on my 360, but I'd love to give the ps2 version a whirl on the pc, just wondering if the game actually does anyone on pcsx2?

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I've confirmed that the PAL version of it does not boot. In several SVN releases actually, not just one.

Be sure to try it yourself though..
your right, bummer, oh well not the end of the world Tongue
It doesn't boot in any revision (The usa version). Next time give it a try yourself Smile
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so there is no way to get this game work? is at all the main problem known?
yea, wouldn't mind knowing why it doesn't work, I finally got round to testing it and all I get is a black screen.
it could be the same like in metal gear solid 3. metal gear solid 3 needed the Real Time Clock feature to run maybe black also need a feature that isnt implemented in pcsx2 till now. could it be like this?
I got the NTSC ISO working ( using an NTSC bios natch ) will load and play the intro video but as soon as the game starts, framerate drops by 50% and graphical issues ( multicolour or pure white screening- seems to be linked to the in game lighting) render the game unplayable, have tried changing the GU settings with many different combos to no avail, anyone got any ideas?
(please tell me if this should be a new thread and I will re-post)
02-17-2009 05:55 PM

I think you should repost, especially since it is normally playable.

Edit: If it works for you in software rendering (F9), try posting here:

Or here if you are using ZeroGS:
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There's currently a hackfix for that game, but you'll need to use a recent SVN build for it. Try one and let us know:
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