Hey, im new to the forums, my first time posting. So I got the emulator up and running and im doing a little mod project for black, I get up to the opening gameplay then the game seems to fall apart, the colours seperate, audio is sluggish. Does anyone have a fix for this game, If not, does anyone know how to take the models and geometry out of the files on the disc? If what im asking in the second part is illegal on these boards please ignore, or if you know how to and don't wanna discuss on the thread, please PM me. Im very interested in doing this.

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So you decided not to read the red-lettered read me first thread. Moved to the proper forum.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I haven't checked this game in a while, but software mode does work for it. (the modified GSdx I have might fix it, but I can't post that, nor have I checked black on it)

edit: seems I returned BLACK, I no longer have it. thus I can't check it. sorry

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