BLACK SCREEN with isos
hey everone im new to the fourms but have bin useing pcsx2 for a while now ... but anways my problem is very odd i cant run isos i get a black screen but on the top window bar it says the games running FPS 60 ect ect but i get a still black screen i have tried other isos plugins and stil lthe same ... now heres the thing it will run and start right up if i play with the disk ...any idieas

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does it only do it with this game or with all iso's?

if only this one, the iso might be damaged
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i no its not the games its dragonballz T3 and i have played the isos before and i made the iso myslef
try remaking the iso and try again

compatibility list says its playable
so your problem is either the iso or settings set wrong
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Change your sound Plugin it does the same thng for Genji if I don't have the right one on
Try remaking the ISO and make sure you're pointing it right with Linuz ISO cdvd plugin.
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This can be the ONLY problem

your graphics plugin if your using gsDX you have to install directX just google it and if you already have it try and reinstall it that's what happened on my OLD PC lol im on a mac now it's 24 inches ;p
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