BO2 ...did anyone got past "The Devices" ?
well, iam like inches away from playing this game through when i get stuck because of an stubborn slave Angry

Appearantly , mind controlling slaves dont cross bridges nor do they jump from ledges !?

Now, i have to get that piece of stubborn ove to the other side to reach the switch... only thing is this ↓

[Image: 11605657.jpg]

He/she refused to obey my command to cross the bridge !!??

Is this an game bug, am i screwed OR is there still hope for an pscx2 work arround Huh ?

So far, i have tried SW/HW DX9 - DX11 mode... disabled Speed hacks , also changed clamping mode to Extra+preserve !!

Iam at lost here !!

darn , that hurts... so close .. yet so FAR !!!

CPU AMD PII x4 [email protected] stable
COOLER Antec HO2 920 (Water/air)
RAM 4x2 giggles Corsair Vengeance DDR2 800mhz
GPU VTX HD6870 / 1 Gigabyte GDDR5
OS Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate) / SP1

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