[BUG] Ace Combat 4 [NTSC]
# Playground version: SVN Release 658
# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
# Plugins used: Gsdx DX10 en DX9 both tested
# Description: severe graphics issues in the game
major slowdowns only 18 fps.

intro of the game is messed up you have vertical lines trough the whole image and logo of the game

planes are black when flying

as red this should have worked in the version

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And did you try with zerogs?
yeah lines are gone then , but the plane is missing from the graphics
you only see the bombs hanging

and sooo slow like 0.5. fps
hmm.. this is a namco game right? its a common problem in namco games to have black vertical lines through the image if the games interal resolution is increased. have you tried using gsdx with native mode set as the res. that fixes all of my tekken and soul calibur games which have that problem.
yeah did that but still it slows down to 11 fps
the listed it as playable

S basically, the black lines are solved by gsdx in software mode

And the game "slows down" to 11 fps? That's it?
yeah it worked fine in the version

also the plane is complete black instead of the correct graphics
mate, have you solved the problem with Ace Combat 4? What about the fps? Have you succeded to make it higher than 11?

At the compatibility list of PCSX2 stands that Ace Combat 4 - Shattered Skies is playable. As i can see from this topic this isn`t the case. So is any Ace Combat version for PS2 playable at PC?
no still does not work even on the latest
try using the 0.9.5 version or 0.9.4. version of PCSX. I don`t have any Ace Combat game so that`s why i haven`t tried it by my own until now.

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