[BUG?] FF12 PAL Mimic Queen Freeze
Hi guys!

First, keep up the great work on PCSX2! Smile

And here is my problem (FF12 PAL Version)

Every time the mimic queen starts her special attack (thunderstorm? - sry I am Austrian doesn't know the exact english translation of it Smile ) the game freezes (but music still plays). Log console doesn't show anything! I even tried it with everything on default settings (and DirectX9 hardware mode instead of DirectX11 and on Software Mode - no change Sad ). Everything (till now) worked like a charm on full FPS (50 in PAL)!

Any ideas how to fix that? Or is it a bug?

Help appreciated! Smile


PS.: Oh and if you find one or more mistakes in that post... Austrian LaughTongue

EDIT: I am using PCSX2 1.2.1

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Please post these:
- Hardware specs
- Non-default settings you've used
- What games are you playing and are you playing them from disc or iso
- Emulog
[Insert Witty Sig Here.]

Thanks for your answer. But I solved it a minute ago, seems that it was a problem with the iso, cleaned the cd and started to play directly from it!


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