BUG - Gran Turismo 4 "get ready to drive" PAL and NTSC + Crash in licenses test

Today i decided to report 2 problems, long date bug of Gran Turismo 4, and the fix for one of them.
It occurs in both PAL and NTSC games, i tested both.

The problem are :
- 1st problem is "get ready to drive" remains all the time, and you cant see the time distance with the car in front or behind you.
- 2nd problem is a crash in B3 and B5 licenses test among others, when you fix 1st problem

After many tests, i found it is independant from graphics settings, i run in dx11 hardware mode, but it is caused by "EE/IOP" Clamping Mode.


When i put it in full, theses licenses among others crash, they failed to be loaded, stays black forever and freezes :


I put it full to see the time distance between the car - in front of / behind - me during the race.


So i found a workaound which is to put it to default = normal and licenses work successfully

However, when i put "EE/IOP" Clamping Mode to normal = default, i cant see that time distance , it is empty, both in PAL and NTSC.
And "get ready to drive" or "full throttle" gets on the screen during all the race, which is not normal, it should disappear just at the start.


This race is 206 cup in peugeots cup, but it occurs on every race, note that the "get ready to drive" or "full throttle" staying all the time is only in races where you start with speed already instead of 3 -2 -1 - go.
I attached many pictures so that you can see the issue.
Occurs on all versions i tested, from April 2015 to todays version.
Since i am big fan of PCSX2 and i read new stable release is on the way, it would be too bad this bug is not corrected, to have a behaviour like in the defaults playstation 2.

My specs
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
i5 3470
AMD hd 7770, latest driver of july 2015

Thanks !

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Have you tried as well using some rounding modes? Sometimes rounding modes can fix issues that are partially or fully fixed by clamping modes and vice versa. Maybe rounding could help as well to keep the license working but still shows the time distance.
Turning the clamping back down to normal just for these tests is the only known fix at the moment im afraid Sad
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i didnt try rounding modes (i dont even know what it is), if you tell me i can try it

thanks for the reply
Rounding modes are directly next to clamping modes. But ref said already that it won't work using current code.
Ok, thanks for the answer.

I dont want to ask too much details, but how come : 
- default pcsx2 settings (EE/IOP clamping mode set to normal) doesnt emulate all the game (missing times and extra text displayed), 
- and the full mode fixes this but crashes at others parts of the game,
isnt there a balance between these 2 setups ?   Huh

But still, if people experience this issue they will know the temporary workaround   Laugh 
Thanks for everything you've done so far in pcsx2 project, keep up the good work !
sadly there is no in between
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