i have problem with this new emulator (pcsx2-beta-1474).
I don't know how to use cdvd room plugin. I have this configuration(1st screen)
i click on file---run cd\dvd i have this error
and that (3rd screen)
So please help couse i wanna to play!!!My graphic config is direx 11. Thx for help and sorry for englishTongue

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Not a bug moving out of bug report forum.
Make sure your ISO is working properly and that it isn't mounted in any other program like poweriso,alcohol etc
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Edit : if ISO is not mounted or used by other program (daemon tools,alcohol) like bositman said,then read below

ok,first,uncheck that little box "make dump"...Secondly,try to load the ISO when you go run,so delete the path from Linuz ISO..Third,Set your GPU to DX10,trust me,in 97% of situations,DX11 crashes...

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