(BUG REPORT) Final Fantasy X-2
Hello everyone i' m new here...i want someone to help me with FFX-2 on 0.9.5. i'm in Chapter 3 in Kilika Temple and when i defeat Varuna (the first fiend inside the temple) i expect to continue with the game and the only thing showing is a black screen and the music still playing naturally.. my graphics config. is GSdx 852m (MSVC 15.00 SSE41) 0.1.10. and it isn't on native res.... Please help me!!! and i apologize for my grammar

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We do not provide support for outdated versions of the emulator. Use 0.9.6 and if you still have problems come back
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Bositman i use 0.9.5 for this specific game because on 0.9.6 it has major graphical problems ...so please help me on this and try not to be so strict.Plus 0.9.6 isn't completed as an emulator so don't be so arrogant about that.I'm sorry for being so rude but please try to understand my situation...
As I said,we do not provide support for older versions. We are doing this for free and our team is pretty small,you can't expect us to provide support for 2-3 versions of the emulator. You are doing something wrong,because 0.9.6 works just as well as 0.9.5 with FF X-2 so maybe ask support to make it work with 0.9.6 as in 0.9.5 instead. That,we can do
I can't see how I was being arrogant,0.9.6 is way way better than any other PCSX2 version (that doesn't mean it works better for everything,but for the vast majority of games)
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Is i start this game on 0.9.6 can i load the saves and savestates from 0.9.5 to 0.9.6?
No you can't. You must save the game on a memcard and load it then with the new 0.9.6
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On 0.9.6 FFX-2 (PAL) crashes..could you please tell me your config. on your pc when you play this game?
We need a full report on where and when ffx-2 crashes on 0.9.6.

If it's a special scene somewhere in the game, we would also need your memory card, to reproduce it.

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