[BUG-REPORT] Final Fantasy X-2 PAL GER
Hiho Guys,
# Pcsx2 version: PCSX Version 0.9.6 and beta 872
# Cpu eerec on, vurec0 and vurec1 on, MTGS on
# Plugins used: Gsdx 0.1.14 868 and 890 , ZeroSPU r514 0.46, Linuz ISO CDVD 0.8.0, LiliyPad 0.9.9
# Description:
I´ve got a Problem with the game. The FMVs are flickering horrible. Is there any solution for that problem?
I have tried the latest beta 872 an the offical Release 0.9.6.
The GFX Plugins I treid were GSDX 868 SSE 3.1 and GSDX 890 SSE 3.1, no one of them worked with the FMVs.

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please fix your post to follow this: http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-2318.html
Don't bother, this is a GSdx thing. We can't fix it.
First: There's no SSE3.1 Tongue

Second: Use Interlacing (F5) until it stops the flickering (But the image looks kinda grey). It'll stop the flickering. Nothing less, nothing more.
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With ZeroGS plugin FMV's playing good, need only good PC
(04-10-2009, 01:04 AM)rama Wrote: Don't bother, this is a GSdx thing. We can't fix it.

Hmm does that mean that the devs are unable to fix it generelly or that there is no workaround at the moment?
With the Zero GS Plugin i got Huge graphic issues. It is not playable for me.
Ow, I confused this with the FF 12 PAL fmv problem, sorry for that.
Just press F5 until the flickering is gone, like yunsabit suggested earlier Wink
Okay it works fine with the Interlacing Filter. Now i got another problem.
When I config the 3D Internal Resolution to 1024*1024 or 2000*2000
the FMVs become stripes and Graphic issues. Only when i use the native resolution it wokrs very well but not perfect at all.

I think there is no workaround either?
Not a bug. Closed and moved.

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