[BUG REPORT] Final Fantasy X UK [Pal] Missing Polygons
System Specs
Nvidia gt120 (1gb ram)
Core 2 Quad Core Q8200
8GB Ram

Final Fantasy x PAL UK [SCES 50491] CRC FB479A8B
Pcsx .9.6

So i have the common missing textures/polygons with FFX 10 that i got from the UK off of ebay. I read the files from a CD (will soon rip the iso to run better). I use gsdx890 wiht NLOOP enabled and i have also tried ZeroGS .97.1 with FFX Hack on. Neither of these work. I run the game at full speed fine no other problems, besides a massive amount of polygons/textures in the background missing. I do not have any .pnatch files for this and i was told to Hex Edit PCSX and change the CRC from FFX to mine, which i have been unsuccessful.

i dont know how to add this CRC to the game :-X

any help would be appreciated Laugh


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