[BUG REPORT] Front Mission 5 patched iso Quick Save
Specs on my acer laptop: crappy dual core, windows vista, crappy video card, barely runs any games, but it does with a few adjusted settings.
Game. Front Mission 5 patched iso.
I wasn't sure if it was the "Patched Iso" or the PCSx2 as I've seen people with the patch have problems quick saving mid battle.
I ran across while searching though errors similar to the one I recieved when trying to quick save in the pcsx2 forum:
error vtlb miss : addr 0x8602b28, mode 0
So I just wanted to post to see if anyone else had this error.
BTW front mission 5 has ran excellently even on my crap computer I can tweak it to 100% Smile (at points)
Ty for the latest release, of pcsx2, if not for you guys and the guys patching the japanese front mission 5 i'd never get to continue on with one of my favorite series.

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if you just wanted to see if anybody else had this error, youve posted in the wrong section. this is for reporting bugs which are to be fixed, besides you didnt remotely follow the stick apart from putting [bug report] in the title

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You can always attempt to use the Save State feature, as a work around to quick saves. All the info on how to do so can be found HERE

BTW- I find your report on FM5's compatability very encouraging, since I have been thinking about buying it.
front mission 5 being only released as a japanese version was very dissapointing to me, I am glad the team at frontmissioninfo worked on a patch for it. With the patch (currently patch 2) I am at least able to understand the cutscenes and most of the storyline, but talking at bases is all in japanese. There is a nother patch coming out in a week or two, I can't wait it'll have more of the bases translated, so most of the game will be in english, no need to buy a japense ps2 or mod your ps with the pscx2 emulator.
Also I have been using the saved state I didn't even know that they had one similar to the ps1 emulator, it works wonders. Thank you for your response. So far though only that one bug sorry if it's in the wrong section.

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