[BUG REPORT] - General (PCSX2 1.4.0)
I play Justice League Heroes and Def Jam Fight For NY in my PCSX2. 

When i started using the emulator, it went full speed. Always between 90 and 101%.

But now it's just ridiculous. It's using 44% of my CPU and i have the NVIDIA GEFORCE 940MX, so it should be helping me, but the game speed now goes to 22 to 49% and it irritates me. I can't play this anymore.

My computer is the Acer Aspire

Intel Core i5
Nvidia Geforce 940MX
8 MB
1 TB

I can't understend why it's SO SLOW! Can anyone help me? I use the PCSX2 1.4.0!

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Not a bug, moving to general support

Can you post your settings? Speedhacks and GSDX mainly. Also what i5 do you have? There's a lot of them
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set windows power plan to performance mode and make sure you aren't running on batteries
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