[BUG REPORT] Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec GT3 Racing Pack
Hi everyone especially to the team behind PCSX2.

I actually started a some sort of Help thread at the official PCSX2 Facebook Group.


And someone guided me to post this problem of mine. I have an original copy of the Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec GT3 Racing Pack edition (US version) with a code of PBPX-95503.

[Image: pcsx2-r55942013-03-2919-00-47-96_zpsd7f12a42.jpg]
Somehow everytime I tried to race to some race courses (Trial Mountain, Tokyo Route 246, etc.) The screen will will have this huge Garbage (On GSDX SSE4.1/SSSE3 - DX9/DX10/DX11 - Hardware Mode).

[Image: SoftwareMode_zps5b64d8f7.jpg]
If I switch to Software mode, racing with Trial Mountain/Tokyo R246 runs okay but real slow (25-30 FPS).

I tried the game on all versions below SVN 1.1.0 March 18, 2013 Release. All have this glitch even on the ZeroGS GPU Plugin.

This is the DXDIAG of my Computer.

My specs:
Intel Core2Duo E7400 overclocked to 3.50GHz
4GB DDR3 1333
MSI Geforce GT430 2GB DDR3 OC Edition
314.22 WHQL Driver
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit Edition

Thanks in advance everyone!

[Image: GT3_zps6640ba8c.jpg]
EDIT: So far only Trial Mountain, and Tokyo Route 246 has this glitch. The rest are working just fine.

Even my copy of Gran Turismo 4 US version is working flawlessly.

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For a minute i thought that was a pirate copy because of the PBPX code (common with pirate games) but turns out that is the real code for the PS2 GT3 bundle ;p

Anyway, the error you are having is common with the GT games, GT4 has a CRC hack in there to remove the garbage, but you can get the same effect by pausing the game, going to the brightness settings and setting it to 0.

Going to move to general discussion/support for now as this isn't something that can be easily fixed per-sé, but can be worked around quite easily.
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Thank you, though there's no option in Gran Turismo 3 that adjusts brightness to 0 though.

Gran Turismo 4 works fine with me, like you said -> brightness to 0 makes all tracks playable.

Hope this gets a fixed, since it is the only copy of GT3 I have which came from my first & last PS2.

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