[BUG-Report] Prince of Tennis - Form the strongest Team [NTSC-J]
Hi there !

I am pretty sure that i configurated my emulator correctly, but i am open for suggestions. But i am very sure that it is an issue concerning the emulator.

If i play the game for a certain amount of time, the emulator crashes. it says that the exe-file caused a problem.

It is always the same. At first, i thought that it could be the image file of the game, because it could be that the game wasnt successfully converted to an image file. But then again, how can it run on PCSX2 ? I tested several versions of the game but always the same error. Always after a certain period of time.

Any suggestions or confirmations ?

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Your other thread got moved out of bug reports because it had nothing to do with bug reporting, and so will this. Maybe try reading the stickies before posting in a forum? You know the ones with red letters saying please read BEFORE posting.
Moved to support.
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