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BUG Rouge Galaxy[ glichy sound ]
Need Help with rouge galaxy the sound stutters in some cutscenes and also happen during their winning comments in the game getting annoying tested zerospu2 0.4.5,0.4.6, rev1390 zerospu2,rev1455 zerospu2,spu2-x 1.1.0,gigaherzt spu2 1.9.0 still the same anybody know how to fix it

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Check the status bar at these points and see if the game is slowing down. If the game is going less than 100% (IE your FPS drops and your game slows down) there isn't a whole lot you can do about it besides enabling some speed hacks.

You can also try turning on timestretching in the sound playing (spu2-X). That'll slow down the sound in the game, but it will reduce or eliminate any sound skipping caused by FPS drop.
a the games does not slow down im using fraps to count my fps so I know Im always on the 60 and if it slowing down Id notice it but no full speed all the time never had any lag or whatsoever just the ***** up sound as said it only happens during some cutscenes not all of them and in the characters winning speeches like [your were no match for me] something like that cuz never heard it right though. the music is perfect the voice overs during the winning speeches is not it stutters like zzzzzzzzzzzz sound running instead of voices
Not a bug,moved. This can be caused by speed hacks or not having full speed (even if fps reports 100% doesn't mean it's true always)
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