[BUG] Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Pcsx2 version in desc and picture
Cpu opts: EEx1.5 speedhack, no other fixes, limited speed. mtgs with both vu0 and VU1 selected
Plugins used: gsdx 0.1.14, spu doesn't matter, Linuziso 0.8.0

I was playing this game and I noticed that items are missing from view in the rev.s since the Merge, I just now got the game, so I decided to post the issue (this also worked in 0.9.4, however slow)

It first shows on the char select screen, where the backround is missing, then once you select your player (I chose the lady, name escapes me atm) you hear the sound of the blades, but you don't see them. once you go ingame, ALL the weapons are missing, and so are the items on the ground. (the one shown is found by going down the stairs, beating the guy there, and then going straight forward under the bridge, untill you have no land left to walk on (it's all water after that point) the item box is missing there (the pic shows this)

edit: Still on 0.9.6
edit2: worse on zeroGS

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yeah there's a lot of mess all over the place Wink even with the software renderer it looks pretty bad Wink
it wasn't that textues I was concerned about.
Correctly format your bug report please.. Read the sticky thread
hopefully that's right, I'm not at the same pc atm, (that's all from memory, but I have nothing else off default)
still exists in 0.9.6
Yeah, we'll continue working on this particular bug, once the 90% SPS are gone. K? Tongue2
what's sps?
SPS is the fail you see on your screenshot (Spiky Polygon Syndrome) Tongue2
Basically there's no point in trying to fix one box when all the rest is broken..
yea, well, they all went at once. so idk.. but it was fine (except the random textures) on the pg rev.

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