[BUG] rikku's sanubia desert cutscene (final fantasy x international)
hi all, i'm having problem when i first go in the danubia desert, when i have to search for the party members. Once i ran into rikku, the cut scene starts, but then i cannot go beyond. I keep respawning back where i was, in front of rikku... Anyone know how i can solve this??

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Try some different Clamping Modes or Round Modes for the EE and VU units (in Emulation Settings).

Not sure what exactly would do it,
maybe try Round Mode on Nearest,
or Clamping on "None", "Extra + Preserve Sign" or "Full".

That might fix your odd glitch. Smile

(Also-- consider re-loading from your last memory card save, if you loaded from a savestate.)
solved, it was not a bug, i have to meet khimari first xD

sorry, but thanks anyway for the interest =)

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