Bad Slow motion effect could use advice
Hey all i have an issue where all my games play in real real slow motion ive tried playing with many settings and keep running into dead ends

was wondering if anyone can let me know what the optimal settings for the pcsx2.0.9.7 are

my computer specs are below

win 7 x64/ win xp
3.2 amd phenom II x4 (4 cores 4 logical)
128 radeon HD 5770
8g ddr5

I dont believe its my computer specs although they arent amazing it should be sufficent to play with out any major flaws not to the point of slow motion im getting.

ive been using god of war II as a platform to play with the options but if there is any optimal settings or a link to a good configuration video cause most of the youtube videos are base on specific games and im having this issue on all my games (when run straight from iso)

any help would be appreciated.

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Any specific advice can be given only with clear and enough information about your plugin configuration, games played and mainly the speedhacks used or not used at all.

Still, generic recommendations can be advanced. Your rig is indeed enough to play most games at full speed, not all games since a few ones defies even the most advanced machine at this stage of development.

So... something must indeed be wrong and given you say it happens with all games you should begin granting the vertical synchronization is OFF or disabled in your video card control panel. As general rule let it disabled most of the time, even playing PC native games and only enable it to games where you can notice slight image distortions (which is rarer than one could believe).

Now, the important part, most games will present some sort of slowdown with that machine without applying some speedhacks albeit it is powerful enough to need only small amount of them.

Begin from the default configuration. Go to the speedhacks tab under the "Emulation Settings" under the "Config" menu at the GUI.
Make sure enabling the speedhacks so they are not grayed and you can set them.

As first approach enable all the boxes but the "Enable fast CDVD", for most games they can be kept on.

Now the bread and butt, move carefully those sliders, one step each time... and test with the game. One only step in those two will do wonder for most games (and make things badly bad for a very few ones).

EE Cyclerate should never pass that central point, if it need to, it mean things begin to go downhill.

VU cycle Stealing can sometimes advance two steps before things becoming BAD. Be advised though than a few games may present some lag at some places or times in the game but it should be less a problem than raw low FPS.

So the great secret is, try it out, tinkering with those controls is the way to find the combination that give you a playable and enjoyable experience.

Some other approaches can be attempted but it should occurs only if the above was not enough.
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