Bad configuration or just weak hardware?
First, here are my hardware specs:

CPU: Core 2 Duo @ 3.00 GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 w/ 2 GB video RAM (using fglrx)
OS: Gentoo Linux

Before anyone asks (if anyone was going to ask!?), I didn't just go out and blow all my money on a really nice GPU for a mediocre computer Tongue My roommate gave me the machine (at the time with a lower-end video card) when he built a new computer. He bought the Radeon for himself, and the a month later saw a really good deal on a superior nvidia GTX, so he snapped that up and just gave the Radeon to me. I have great roommates!

Anyway, I'm trying to play FFX at the moment. I'm only a few hours into the game but there are points where the slowdown renders it completely unplayable. Also the voices often have a strange echo effect, not that anything could really make the voices in that game worse. I know that my hardware could be a limiting factor in PS2 emulation, but I've definitely seen a few posts with people claiming to have played FFX with specs lower than mine. I feel like I've tried every combination of speedhacks available. Am I missing something, or can I expect significant lag in this game unless I upgrade my CPU?

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has you tried windows XP/Vista/7 yet rather than Gentoo Linux
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(04-15-2012, 01:26 PM)tallbender Wrote: has you tried windows XP/Vista/7 yet rather than Gentoo Linux

I did actually try it on my Windows installation, there was definitely less visual lag, but much more noticeable audio lag at times. Anyway, I more or less invalidated the point of this thread, just bit the bullet picked up a Phenom II X4 960T mobo/cpu combo off eBay so hopefully I shouldn't run into problems again. I didn't realize how cheap AMD CPUs are right now or I would have just replaced the processor immediately instead of worrying about it haha.

Ofc I know AMD processors aren't as good as Intel for PCSX2 (or really for anything), but I could use a new CPU in general and I tend to hear good things about the Phenom line. It was only 160 for the processor and the mobo so even if it does end up being disappointing I haven't really lost much.

Edit: I don't understand AMD's naming conventions, but it's also a "Black Edition," which I assume means it's better or more OC friendly, or both. This should definitely be enough to run PCSX2 with solid framerates correct? Definitely let me know if there are any speedhacks I should be enabling that I'm not. I'm fairly positive I've turned them all on and tested them at various degrees of intensity.

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