Bad graphics?
Just today, I loaded up persona 3 FES and the sprites are now jagged and the text blurry. I'm in hardware mode with 6x native resolution and the problem resolves itself when I go into software mode but then the overall quality is lower than what is once was. It ran fine yesterday. My processor is an i5 3570k and my gpu is a 7950 @ 1100/1400. This has happened before with FFX but it's usually fixed by just restarting the program.

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Can you take a screenshot? Though it sounds to be a texture filtering issue, make sure it's either shaded (filters everything but 2D textures, including text) or checked (filters everything, though in persona's case it may cause seems on some of the character textures).
[Image: 2748844.png]
And which PCSX2 version are you running?
It went away upon restart but I'll post a screen shot when it inevitably happens again.
Did you load from a save state? If so, that was what caused your issue. Common problem.

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