Bad graphics
My problem is a minor yet an annoying problem i hope some of you can help me with.
It with the game "kessen 3" (highly underrated game btw :b )
and everything plays at 60fps no problem graphic on 6x scale and everything top. However, my problem lies not in-game, but in the cutscenes, intro and all those stuff. It simply becomes too "pixelated". Tried alot of different builds but with no hope. Searched around and found no similair post on kessen with my problem (im bad at searching).
Then i came to the conclusion that it must be normal until i saw this,
A walkthrough of the game where its this emulator being used and perfect cutscenes graphic. Sorry if there are other threads but im bad at those searchs.

8gb ram
hd 7950
ssd (if that even helps in emulators >.>)

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Seriously what do you expect from low res movie? At best it could be blurred to hell, but pcsx2 doesn't have such movie filters unless you use shader to blurr whole screen. Pre-rendered graphics like FMV's cannot be upscalled, that's not a bug, glitch or even a problem, that's simply a reminder how "technologically advanced" the game is.Tongue
By the way if your game support prograsive scane then use it that will reduce your blurring in video.
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  
"Seriously what do you expect from low res movie? At best it could be blurred to hell, but pcsx2 doesn't have such movie filters unless you use shader to blurr whole screen"

Oka i must have formulate myself wrong. English aint my first language sorry so i get that alot xD. So let me explain more clearly;

I do not expect BETTER quality, just NORMAL quality. The link with the video shows the normal cutscene. Its CLEAN, ofc not like modern cutscenes but as long as it's clean and watchable then no one can complain. Mine is NOT clean, NOT watchable because its pixaleted all over. When action scenes happen you cant see anything because its just different pixels moving in the scenes. It's bad.
The reason i showed the youtube link was to "tell" that it can be normal and the reason why i know mine is wrong.

It seem like this problem is maybe more technically advanced then the eye can tell and the guy from the youtube channel is maybe technically more advanced when it comes to this then the average person in here.

However i apperciate both of you trying, Brock lessner and miseru99. I will try to do as you say to see if it lessen the pixals Smile
Have a good day.
The quality should be the same, pixelation is just so much more obvious in larger resolutions on LCD screens, and in such a case, only fullscreen filters can change that.
The youtube clip was made fully in native res as author of it posted in one of the comments so it could stand out lessTongue, native res stretched out with video software and blurred with compression, there was no "quality" there. Set res at native, record a movie at bad quality/high compression and you'll see exactly same "superior HD image". Nokia 3310 saw more clean image than you think there was there after seeing HD in the title or somewhereTongue.

I also cannot see where the dude making this movie is more technically advanced? Does he have robotic arm or something? If not all of us are engineered same way and there's not much philosophy there refer to pron for details;p, so I would say your insult wasn't even funny. Ofc it's actually easy to modify the code to apply a blurring shader only over movies to get those pixels out by some crappy blurr without ruining that placebo x6 upscalling, but oh well, it's not me who needs it, I know how PS2 games should look and I don't get pleasure spasms from looking at less pixelated image without actual quality added. In fact most games which try to fake realism in any way look way better with huge pixels as our brain has an ocassion through imagination to improve the image in light years more natural way than any method of upscalling which makes everything look square, syntetic simply not as the game was designed to look. >.>

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