Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance?
This game is listed green in the compatibility thread yet I am getting the glitch people have complained about in the past. It doesn't even get past the first movie...Am I missing something? I have the latest version of PCSX2. Thanks in advance

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try setting your clamps to max full/extra settings.
(01-27-2013, 05:35 AM)DaTankAC Wrote: try setting your clamps to max full/extra settings.

Clamping in the EE/IO and VUs? That did not work...

I have pcsx2 1.0.0 is that the latest? It seems Baldurs Gate was recently added to the working list.
then also try latest svn as there have been many updates.
(01-27-2013, 05:50 AM)DaTankAC Wrote: then also try latest svn as there have been many updates.

what is a SVN and how do I install that? Is it an update?

Can't be my system as i am running Devil Summoner 2 now at 60fps in 1080p.
svn is a repository storing incremental update versions that are developed. just go to main page and you will see svn link at the top of the page.
Do I download just the latest one or do I download all of the latest ones? Did this update also fix the other snow blind games like norrath?
not sure as historically these games have been difficult to emulate. to answer the other question just download latest svn version. each revision is its own build, kind of like the stable binary.
How exactly are you supposed to install this? I assumed you just copy the contents of the folder into the pcsx2 folder...I did that but then it gave me some error saying I needed to switch to documents mode or something..also my save states don't load says they are invalid. Is that related at all? They weren't corrupted before... Maybe I installed it wrong but when I load pcsx2 it does say 1.1.0 and the latest date...however Dark Alliance is giving me the same issues. Idk how it got a green on the compatibility list...
SVN doesn't "install," such as in the programs listing in Windows. You just download it and it's already built. It is it's own file/directory, esentially like the "binaries" version of the stable version. You don't need to place it in any special area. I have mine right there on the desktop. Just click and play. Generally save states don't transfer but memory card saves do. As far as the error still occuring, I'm afraid I am out of ideas. I do know that people have struggled with this game for years. I did find an old thread with a potential workaround involving speeding through menus really fast. I don't truly understand as I do notown the game myself but it does look like an eventual purchase I would like to make.

This thread says to run in software mode only, which will probably make it slow.

I hope for the best regarding this game, as I would like to eventually play it myself.

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