Barrier of entry aside, Why didn't more titles take advantage of the PS2 HDD?
Putting aside the fact that most people don't have a PS2 HDD and it's not compatible with the slim model(s) (to my knowledge) I was curious why by far and large the PS2 HDD was underused.

There are a few games where I felt due to the PS2's memory limitations some levels, game play and features were shrunk down or simply cut. Why didn't more developers in the PS2 era offload onto something like the PS2 HDD? That way files can be loaded from there and not rely on loading them from just one CD or DVD?

I could really see something like (for bigger games) a main disc that has some main content on it and a secondary disc that has extra maps and other items that could be installed onto the HDD that would be loaded onto the PS2 as needed. A few games did just that (notably some SOCOM games) but most used it as a means to help aid long load times.

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