Base Framerate and Custom Resolution
Hello. I'm a PCSX2 newbie with some miserable computer. I've read a few guides about speedup and still I have some questions on 'will changing this help with speedup?'

First, many of those guides stated 'increasing base framerate is not speedup', but can LOWERING it (base framerate or ntsc/pal framerate) help speed? (Maybe some of those guides were providing answer to this question, but my English reading is not good, so I don't fully understand them)

Second, does setting custom resolutions to LOWER values than native resolution(like 320x240) help speed? (All of the guides said just to set it to native)

Sorry for any grammar mistakes or insignificant expressions.
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Setting resolution to lower than native can help with speed issues if your GPU is the bottleneck. Setting frameskip and skipdraw in some cases can also help with that. I'm uncertain about the base framerate thing, I don't think it will help but rather it will just be locked to the lower fps and make the game be "fullspeed" while it actually is in slow-motion. Rather try Saiki's guide for slow pcs, it has helped many people.

Edit: This is Saiki's guide. Eventually you can send a PM for further assistance, or make another thread, though likely if your PC is "miserable" it might not work all that well after all.
Thank you! And I dont really know if my PC is really miserable in terms of PCSX2. It didn't do well with default settings, but might be different with hack options. I guess I'll try out lowering resolution.
Intel Celeron N2840 CPU, Intel HD Graphics 311MHz GPU
Well telling us your specs ( which CPU and GPU you have) could help us pinpoint the issue and point you in the right direction, at least.

Edit: didn't notice you added a signature, sorry.

That CPU is definitely the bottleneck, with its STP (single thread performance on Passmark) being just shy of 600 while the recommended is 1300-1700. Definitely try out Saiki's guide, though I would not expect much. Also that integrated GPU is also pretty bad, so allowing 8 bit textures and going below native and what I've already mentioned could help out, to an extent, as well
Honestly with that system it's better to just play it on your PS2 on TV.

I don't see how it could be fun to play with even worse quality + slowdowns than on a PS2 where it'll be smooth and still better looking.
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If the OP's ps2 can't read dvds, this is the better option, yeah? It's true though. You eventually could play the lighter 2d games pretty well, I think, but I don't see much coming from that rig
I guess I'll just play some PPSSPP or NullDC thingies on my laptop. Yes. Obviously, PCSX2 is too much for my device.
And maybe it's off-topic but is PCSX2 usually more demanding than Dolphin?

Edit : thank you for such quick and kind replies. forgive me because I can't access to internet for long time..
Intel Celeron N2840 CPU, Intel HD Graphics 311MHz GPU
Dolphin is lighter than PCSX2, though there were some quite slow builds lately (unsure if it's still that way).
Thank you. I will just stick to lighter emulators on my laptop like ppsspp, which definitely runs well Smile
Intel Celeron N2840 CPU, Intel HD Graphics 311MHz GPU
I think your PS2 can emulate your computer. I am amazed how far PPSSPP has come. I used to have issues with it. Sorry about your computer being way way to weak to even play basic PS2 games.
I think it is time to get a upgrade into this century Smile
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