Basic EyeToy Plugin?
I was wondering if there was any working EyeToy plugin. It doesn't matter if the camera itself is functional or not, I just care about getting a game to start and bypassing the "Connect your USB EyeToy" screen. Thank you.

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I think there is a pnach to skip that detection. It can be found in some of the 'menu' listed compatibility reports.

To my knowledge a plugin does not exists.
where is that?
Ok so that could take some time...

I found it here for Card Captor Sakura
//skip eyetoy check
The pnach you have to apply has probably a different address ( 013385b0 => ? ).
I think you can find this by yourself if you know how to use cheatengine. Do you by luck know this program?
I sorta know how to use it, but not well enough to figure out something like this.
Try reading this to get a decent idea on using cheat engine.
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I would guess that the eyetoy check is in a similar range.

1. Start pcsx2.
2. Create savestate in while the game boots (shortly before the eyetoy check happends).
3. Pause pcsx2.
4. Try searching for all word entries in a similar range that have the value 1 (I guess) using cheatengine.
5. Receive some thousands of entries.
6. Set and freeze the whole upper half to 0. ( = Selection S1. Unchanged entries belong to Selection S2)
7. Resume pcsx2. See what happens:
8.1. Everything is broken:
->Unfreeze all values. Reload the savestate. Set only the upper half of the your last selection (upper half of S1) to 0 ( = Selection S11. Unchanged entries belong to Selection S12). Keep the other half (S12) unchanged and restart from point 7.
8.2. Game is working but the eyetoy check still bugs you
->Unfreeze all values. Reload the savestate. Use this time the lower half (S2) instead of the upper half. Keep the other half (S1) unchanged and restart from point 7.
8.3 Game is working and eyetoy check is gone
-> try to reduce amount of changed entries until you only have one or two remaining.
8.4 No key disabled the eyetoy check while game was still working
-> search in another memory range/datatype or give up.
i'll try
I've found values that make the screen go away, but it gets stuck on a black screen. I've also found ones that crash the game. The game I'm trying to run is Nicktoons Movin', by the way.
How many addresses do you have to change to block the notification? I would guess you only need one.

Is anything written in the emulog while you see the backscreen? Maybe TLB miss?

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