I  Haven't Been able to get the proper help on here. I mean i haven't looked in every page. But i just seem to not get this pcsx2 to work at all on my mac. or let alone very few emu to work. i would just like some help with steps....or a shot actually. Most links for wineskin or pcsx2-ce are unfindable or no longer exist....i have several version but not sure....also can't find a lot of what I'm looking for since every link in expired. Could you maybe point me in the right direction that has a followable trial or maybe you can.....I seriously have exhausted myself with it.Just a simply man with a maybe not so simple request.

These are my specs
macOS Sierra
version 10.12.3
mac mini (LATE 2014)
processor 2.6 GHz Intel core i5
memory 8 gb 1600 MHz DDR3
Startup Mac HD
Graphics Intel Iris 1536

i would like to avoid the windows option unless there is a free possible route like using window10 download and are able to still you apps
i would even go the linux route,
like i said sorry in advance just can't catch a break. Really appreciate it even if you just give it a read and reply thanks again....hope to hear back

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