Battel Stadium D.O.N[J] works kinda of on the newest build.
it starts, / ingame, and no crashes whatsoever in the last hour ive played. Im almost glad i bought this for 10$ :/
but there are some issues atm.. Besides the graphical glithes as u can see in the screenshots, the game plays ok, every 5 sek. then 10 sek lagg or so.. its slows down, and goes again. mostly when sprites are on screen.. Kinda wierd.. Any ideas ? have tried speedhacks too. not much good there. will update if i find anything that works ^^

heres a screenshot or 2..

Speedhack both on and off. Forgot to include in pic. neway u get the jist

By the way, The lagg dissapears if i try using the latest beta from (pcsx2-beta-720)
but the glitches still dont. The same on both the Normal, and beta. The mesh's texture is wierd like u see in the pic. and u can see the triangles of the mesh. :/ any thoughts ?

Using Zero GS 0.97 <- The glitches dissapear, but slowdowns occur.
Using the newest beta, + Zero GS 0,97 and speedhack x2, it works fine. whit no glitches whatsoever, minor sound distortions.

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What's your spec? I run this game fine with Directx10. My 3.2 Q6600 with HD4780, 8G RAM never suffer any slow down. SLOW DOWN (if can't be solved by speedhack) can be solved by faster CPU upgrade. I learn this after 4 hour trying to get Metal Gear Solid 3 to run smooth hehehe

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