Battery life whilst emulating??
Just got a new rig and this is my first one; slightly concerned about the batter life.

From 100% it lasts about, just over an hour when emulating, and idle (not sleep), it goes down 10% every half hour.

Is that normal enough battery life??

Like i said, first rig so, just wanna make sure this isn't faulty or something.

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Well what are the specs of this notebook? If the vendor tells you it lasts for 1 hour while heavy stuff and 5 hours during idle then you have the correct notebook.

This has nothing to do with experience but with your sales contract...

Btw. would be better not to drain the battery that fast. Emulation creates heat which is bad for battery lifetime - as well as draining too fast.
Better to connect your notebook and remove the battery while emulating.
1 hour is good. batteries are batteried. you can browse and do slow stuff. ofc. but you won't run full load for long. if you got that hour it's already good. you gotta try and check if it plays a movie (a long one - like 3 hours) or maybe two short movie. but don't expect more then that. Wink

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