Battle Assault 3 and Gundam 00: Gundam Meisters problem
I was wondering why battle assault 3 featuring gundam seed stopped working after the 0.9.6 was released. It was playable back in 0.9.4 despite some major graphical errors that drops the fps by a huge amount but now the emulator just crsahes the moment I load the ISO. Also, I was wondering if there's any fix for the Gundam 00 game, whenever I go into 00 mode of Virtue the game freezes but the sound is still playing in the background. Also, at the very end of Kyrios' story mode, the screen just goes white at the finale cutscene and I assumed the game froze as the emulator goes up to 300% and nothing shows up even waiting for 5mins.

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Here's the topic you posted yesterday about Battle Assault 3--

I have no idea on Gundam 00, though-- it works just find for me.
That wasn't yesterday, that was back in March lol and sorry I lost track of it as for a while it was buried in the 3rd page. Also, have you tried beating story with Kyrios successfuly + passing level 40+ at time/score attack?
I know that I've successfully beaten the Kyrios story mode (I've got all the characters unlocked), not sure about passing level 40 at time attack, though.
Well what about Virtue's 00 attack? My screen alawys freezes after doing that formation thingy with Setsuna.

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