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Battle assault 3?
I was wondering why this game stopped working after the release of pcsx2 playground onwards? It just crashes right after it's loaded, and it worked great before that except the extremely low frame rates you get.

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I have been unable to get it to run, period. I've used every pcsx2 version that's been out in the last 11 months.
If it works with the earlier versions - use these for the time being.
Oh, what I meant to say was that I can't get it to work on any versions. I've tried a few different iso's of it, too.
(04-06-2009, 02:02 AM)3625 Wrote: Oh, what I meant to say was that I can't get it to work on any versions. I've tried a few different iso's of it, too.

If it worked on some version and now doesn't work on that very same version - it's not a problem of the emu. Setting maybe.
I've never been able to get it to work with any version, though.

I've heard that some people have, though, so I didn't know if there was some setting that needed to be changed or something. I've tried a lot, but nothing has worked so far.

My specs:
C2D E8500, 4gb of pc-1066 DDR2 ram, Geforce GTX260. WinXp Sp3, everything updated. Newest drivers on everything.
Gonna do a slight bump and see if anyone else has encountered this problem. Any advice? Is there any other information that I could give that might help?

Here's a screenshot of the console:
are u talking about battle assault 3 (gundam)? I can boot it fine, fps 40+ in menu. HOWEVER, it drops to 22 fps in game and battle mode. No crash, no nothing.. just plain slow. ya, ridiculous for a CD game.. I use Dx10 with Q6600, 8 gb RAM, Radeon 4870, Vista 64 with all speed hack turned on
Yeah, that's the game. I can't get it to boot, period. Sad
could it be that u have a bad rip of the game? my game crashed on me once. I just re-rip it from my original disc and it is fine. HOWEVER, i STRONGLY ADVICE you not to waste any more time into this game. Even I can make it to play, the frame rate in battle is so unbearable (20 fps for a fight game is really bad... HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE). I don't know why it got listed as "playable" but it is NOT.

i tried this with my friends and after 2 battles, we said "***** this sheittt" and play Naruto instead.

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