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Battle assault 3?
You probably missed what playable means then:
Quote:You can get from 'new game' to 'end credits'. This is regardless of FPS, it simply means you could with a great deal of patience, complete the game! eg: Slow, but stable!

Plus just because your PC can't get more than 20 fps doesn't mean that other faster PCs won't be able to get full speed,so next time please speak for yourself.
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I've gotten a few rips of the game, but none work.

I figure I'd probably be able to play it decently well. I don't mind turning settings down. We've got similiar systems, but my proc is more suited for pcsx, and my videocard is a little faster (it's the 216-core version of the gtx260). Also, I've got my videocard, ram, and processor all overclocked (the proc is at 4ghz).
thanks bositman for the input.

I googled it and for some reason, most of the complain about this game was painfully slow fps on pcsx2 (from the pre-playground period until now). HOWEVER, if you want to experiement with this then please go right ahead. Just want to warn others in the future so that they won't have to waste time like I did. =( I even tried to run it on native resolution but the fps can't be improved AT ALL. STill the same which leads me to suspect that maybe the problem is not with hardware alone. Possibly, a newer version of pcsx will improve it.

On another note, isn't there any gundam fighting game similar to this one coming out soon for ps3 or 360?
As far as I know, the only Gundam game coming out soon for the ps3/360 is Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 (the english version, anyways). I'm looking forward to it, but it's not the same type of game.

I can, however, run it at 60fps. Seems to run slightly better than DWG 1.
Well I've ripped the game several times and never succeeded once. It worked a long time ago, not past 11 months. 0.9.4 was released way before that.

@3625: yeah I've tried Musou 2, but I kinda like the arcade like feeling in BA3, despite the terrible voice acting it's actually pretty fun.
So I think fixed it?? at least I pressed F9 randomly in a match and it fixes the problem with the FPS, only a bit drops when you finish a enemy but as I memorize I think that was already the same on PS2, though more than one enemy especially in mission mode can cause a drop but it should be around 60-70% so playable, I played through it, endboss was harder and took me half an hour and no drops in Survival and VS mode.

Update: I figured out what F9 does and I had only activated the FPU Negative Div Hack and the Allrounder and Cycle stealing -1
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