Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
Are there any fixes to make it work with the hardware option? Setting it to hardware causes the 'checking memory card' screen to not appear, EA/DICE logo cinematics and the starting trailer-cinematic flicker, and the main menu only displays a sliver of the top of the screen with the rest being black. Setting it to software makes it run at about 15-20 fps after loading the first mission (which makes the sound just as slow).

I do not have access to a PS2 at the moment (need a new power bar for my TV/PS2/X360) and I would love to play this game again (one of my favorites when it first came out as my PC was not fast enough to play BF2 on anything more than singleplayer bot mode).

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are u using directx10 or 11 hardware mode in the graphics plug in?

can u play the missions normally in hardware mode?

if yes then u have to keep switching between hardware mode when u want to play and software mode when u want to use menu and memory card

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