Battlefield 2 Modern Combat Software Mode
im running Windows 8.1 64bits with a Core i7 3770, Graphics glitch in game, MSI Afterburner shows 60Fps, but is lagging, in software mode

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The glitches are known and mentioned in the compat report, there's not much you can do about that.

Are you using any speedhacks?

Moving this to the support section as this is not a valid bug report.
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This is just guess (because I have never tried my BF2:MC on the PCSX2) but since the original PS2 ran the game at extremely variable framerate, the emulator must struggle to keep up with the screen synchronation ?

Atleast this is something I have seen with very poorly performing PS1 (on the machine) games being emulated.
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if the ps2's framerate drops, PCSX2's will too, its a simple as that. The glitches are more likely bugs in the program or difficult to emulate stuff.
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