Battlefront 2 - Menu & Text in Spanish?

First off, I have searched the forum and found nothing. Secondly, I am a complete newb with the PCSX2 so please be a little forgiving...

Anyway, I am attempting to play Battlefront 2 on the emulator using my own Bios and own copy of the game (which is PAL and plays in English on the PS2). However, the text in-game (such as the menu and all of the options and subtitles) is in Spanish, but the voice acting is still in English.

Is there any way to fix this?


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Maybe somthing with in game settings? Did you take a look in ingame settings?
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Try changing language in System Configuration of BIOS would be my first thing to try. Make it be English. And then Boot with "Boot Full" not "Boot Fast."
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I found the problem! The language of the console was set to Spanish. I booted up with the no disc option and changed the language to English.
I find it amusing that someone uses 'their own BIOS' but didn't realize they had their BIOS set to the Spanish language Tongue

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