Battleftont Graphics Help
Hello, thanks for reading this,

I am having some issues with Star Wars Battlefront: I can play the game but the graphics are... off. The shadings and textures in the game are much darker than normal.

Anyone else have the same problem and developed a workaround?

If needed, I can upload pics of my bad textures.

Also, me rig:
Phenom2 X4 Processor @ 3.6 GHz
460 GTX GPU, 1 GB Dedicated
6 GB DDR2 memory
Running on a SSD drive atm
Not sure what else is necessary


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Try software rendering.

It also seems there might have been a fix for hardware rendering the game in recent revision, so maybe try the latest SVN
Thanks for responding!

I'll try software rendering. Just out of curiosity, wouldn't that cut down majorly on the FPS?

And I'm using the 5011 SVN.

Cheers back. and...

On SW:BF you always have the option to get a better looking PC version and have it in HD at all the FPS you want.

I played that years ago. Wink
I'm thinking about it, its cheap at the moment.

I think I will get it if the PS2 version is completely unplayable. I'd rather save some money though if I can avoid it.

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