Because I don't like error messages...
I made this thread, probably in the wrong section too, anyway. So I updated to 1.2.1 just now but when going to plugin/bio selector I notice some red ominous text in the console that looks, well ominous. Nothings broke as far as I can tell but I'd still like to fix this if possible, I don't remember this in previous builds but 1.2.0 is now overwritten. Oh and you can ignore this if this is perfectly normal and everyone gets the same message.

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It's only because you're system doesn't support avx2. Removing that avx2 gsdx plugin will remove the messages.
Really? I though Ivy Bridge processor supported AVX.

My spec's.[/align]

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AVX 1.0 yes, but not 2.0 which is for Haswell cpu's
Welp, you guys are right, and deleting the AVX2 plugin removes this error, thanks!
It's only supported by Haswell cpu's.
Damn, already beaten to the punch.
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Far better is not having any error/warning message and getting a catastrophic failure without a clue Smile

If was not for the error message you'd be mistakenly believing that processor supports the extension.

Edit: I think I understand what you mean, it's actually a healthy concern, just sometimes warning messages are unavoidable.
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