Benefits of compiling the source myself ?
Is the purpose of compiling the PCSX2 source ourselves to improve its run-time performance ? And if so, would I see a performance gain by building it myself, WITHOUT having to customize any code for my own machine, or at least without having to customize very much by myself ?

I understand programming a bit as I was required to learn some scientific / mathematical programming at university, I know thats a far cry from the complexity of PCSX code but if I only need to compile and play with a few build options, I know I could get through that.

Thank in advance... cheers.

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There is no benefit other than beeing able to manipulate things yourself.
So for everyone who doesn't WANT to change things, it's useless Wink
There's the benefit of having the latest revisions available to use at any time (well after the compiling) I guess :P
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