Berserk Millennium Falcon Fix
Alright to start off I did a little searching and found that alot of people are experiencing problems with this game, too bad the threads weren't too helpful, so here's one that will help. Also, even though I call it a fix the only thing I've managed to fix was the horrible lag and the life bar and map, there are two other interfaces that I haven't gotten to work yet, I'll post em if I get em to work.

First problem: The Lag
So I don't want to brag, but I've got a pretty high end PC, one that giggles when I open Dragon Age on high, that aside the god damned game was giving me a 8 Frame rate... T_T

Hit up this thread and install the DirectX and C++ installers

Next scroll down in that thread and find the link that says GSdx 0.1.14 and download that. Extract it to your plugins directory of your pcsx2 folder and overwrite the one already there.

Once you have done that open up your pcsx2 and go to Config--->Configure and under the graphics tab select
"GSdx 890 (MSVX 15.00, SSE2)0.1.14"

After that hit ok and go to Config--->Graphics and under the Renderer option put it to
"Direct3D10(Hardwar)" Note: You can also use Direct3D9 if 10 doesn't work or lags you

Second Problem:No Movies show up
This ones a real pain, when you actually get ingame you'll notice that the cut scenes just don't want to show up, but you can here 'em. In order to fix this everytime you notice its not showing the video you have to do this:

Hit esc, which will exit the game (Fear not its still on you can come back to it) then go to Config--->Graphics and under the Renderer tab click
Direct3D10(Software) Note: You can also use Direct3D9 if 10 doesn't work or lags you
After you select it and hit ok go to Run--->Excecute and you'll be back ingame with the cutscene working, but heres the problem, after the cutscene and you get into the game it lags like mess, so you have to esc again and switch it back to the Direct3D10(Hardware) option. Its annoying but its better than nothing.

Third Problem: Interface
Once you actually get into your first battle you'll notice that your interface is a mess of pink and unrendering goodness, as I said earlier I only was able to get the Boss Life bar and map to show, you're on your own with the rest.

To semi fix it go to Config--->Advanced and change the options as follows:
EE Recs Options
Round Mode - Nearest
Clamp Mode - Normal
Flush to Zero checked
Denormals are Zero checked

VU Recs Options
Round Mode - Nearest
Clamp Mode - Normal
Flush to Zero checked
Denormals are Zero checked

And that's it, it should be playable, or at least I can confirm that this works for me. If anyone can get the other part of the interface to work post it in this thread. Also I'm really bad checking forums, this might be the only post I make if I am never able to fix the rest of the interface problem, if you have a question IM Serathis.
If you're looking for a translation guide for the game I can speak enough japanese to play for myself but I'll be damned if I can read any of it. Kanji is just too hard, go find a manual if you need, or maybe I'll make one once I brush up on my kanji. Peace Biggrin

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H.S.! Must be some serious game. Very rare/hard to find?? I want it! I support pc games to the fullest and ps2 games as much. I would like to add this to my 63 game TOTAL collection.Laugh Have you guys tried Dragon Age? O.O
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"First problem: The Lag"
Don't be so sure your pc can handle pcsx2. You'll want a 4Ghz core2 for that (or better).

"Second Problem:No Movies show up:"
Hit F9 while playing, it goes from whatever you have set as renderer to dx9 sw (and back).
Just don't do it while in fullscreen, it'll crash GSdx.

No idea what to do about problem #3 Tongue2
to the original poster:

i did exactly what u i got this Smile)
[Image: gutt3.jpg]

been trying many things but no luck Sad(

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